The Shaun Murphy Scratch Challenge

As most of our website visitors probably know, Shaun Murphy is an English professional snooker player who won the 2005 World Championship. Nicknamed "The Magician", Shaun is noted for his straight cue action and his long potting.  

When World Snooker @WorldSnooker1 heard of Stanton Member Shaun's @Magician147 prowess with the smaller ball, they challenged him to play 9 holes in level par.

With the gauntlet accepted, see what happened when the green baize was swopped for the green sward, and straight cue action and long potting were swopped with straight hitting and long putting!

OK - your starter for 10.

How many Stanton Members, if any (other than Shaun), have made a 147 break? (on the snooker table, that is, not over 18 holes!!!)