Seniors' Welcome

Hello fellow Seniors,

I am looking forward to my year as Captain, and the likelihood of more enjoyable matches and social occasions.

Due to course development we have a new look to the ‘14 holers’ and will see how long we can continue as 16 holes and still finish early enough to entice most back to the bar for prize giving. All matches are now in the Members' Club Diary so you can peruse your future arrangements to suit if you wish. I hope that the level of support seen over the last 2 years continues, and will endeavour to keep up the e-mail work to keep all informed.

I will also try to resurrect the Seniors' Forum, where an invitation is issued to all Seniors to attend a communication event to top up the usual announcements made post competition. This will hopefully inform those curious about recent meetings between Seniors and the Club Officials. Some changes to our operations are being pursued to try to free up more of the course time we occupy, and our impact on other members. Examples to put your mind a little at rest are to stop cutting from the 14th to 18th to ensure we cannot impact any very early 10th hole starters in our Winter play. Also in our Summer play perhaps starting on the 17th and 1st rather than the 4th and 1st. This will prevent any impact during our Summer play when at present 4th hole starters can impact those starting an afternoon round during our matches.

Best regards and good golfing

Jeff Hooley

Seniors' Captain 2018

To help the organisers we ask Members to put their contact details (telephone and e-mail addresses) on the Club Website (My Profile) and keep them up to date. This will help to assist with easier communication for all concerned and especially help reduce the time required to organise team matches and responding to last minute changes.

For further information please feel free to contact the Seniors' Captain or one of the Seniors' Committee Members listed below, or visit the various areas of the Club's website:-

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