Replacing a Divot

In the last few years, during adverse winter conditions, the Green Chair at Stanton-on-the-Wolds Golf Club introduced the policy of allowing play only from mats on the fairways.

Although initially unpopular with some of the Members the benefit of such a bold decision is abundantly clear and there for all to see.

During the summer months both Members and Visitors have enjoyed superb surfaces on which to hone their skills, with the majority of compliments from the competitors at Stanton's Opens being directed towards the magnificent state of the course.

Although the vast majority of the hard work is undertaken by the Greenstaff, everyone can play their part in complementing the efforts of the Head Greenkeeper and his dedicated Team by raking the bunkers, repairing pitch marks and replacing divots, especially after prolonged periods of rain which makes the course unusually soft under foot and prone to the taking of rather large ones.

One would have thought replacing or repairing a divot is a relatively simple task, but as the following video on You Tube shows, there's a bit more to it than meets the eye!