Match v Ruddington Grange (A)

The Stanton Scratch Team selected for the match vs Ruddington Grange (A) on Tuesday 19th June was:-

  • Shaun Murphy
  • James Green
  • Anthony Wain
  • Neil Collings
  • Tom Davies
  • Reserve: Sam Costall

Stanton had an encouraging start to the match going two up before play began due to Ruddington only having three players. With Tom and Neil standing down,  we "only" had to achieve two halves (or one win) to taste victory for the third time. However it did not quite turn out that way with the Ruddington youngsters having other ideas from the start!

Match 1

Shaun Murphy vs Martin Barker

Scratch-man Shaun, (have you seen the video!!!) who was playing in his first InterClub Scratch Match for the Club, thankfully answered a late request to join the ranks. Taking on seventeen-year-old Martin,  Shaun romped into an early lead but Martin fought back, chipping in twice to win two holes and be 1 up after sixteen holes. Shaun had a great chance to square the match on the seventeenth, but unfortunately failed to get up and down in two from the edge of the green. After a miscued tee shot which kicked off the bridge, failed to reach safety and cannoned into a watery grave, stunning the onlookers in the process, he also lost the eighteenth and went down by 2 holes. Nevertheless a most welcome debut and addition to the Team - let's hope after a good rest, Shaun will once again be in the frame!

Match 2

James Green vs Charlie Dryem

This was a closely fought match all the way. Lady Luck tends to fortune the brave and was certainly on cue at the 18th when sixteen-year-old Charlie snap hooked his drive going for the green. The ball was heading for the road and beyond, but sure as fate it hit a big tree and dropped back into play. He played a fine shot to find the green, and with James just short in two and leaving his chip short, Charlie only needed two putts for the win.  Fortunately for Stanton, he then contrived to three putt and James got away with a half. James struggled all night on the slow and unpredictable greens, but his result at least made sure Stanton didn't actually lose the match.

Match 3

Anthony Wain vs Jack Sipon

This match was also a close affair with Anthony taking an early lead, but eighteen-year-old Jack fought back and won the match 2 UP.  Anthony had hung on to the youngster's coat tails all evening, out-driving him at times. Again another example of the young and fearless knocking the ball all over the course and making a score from seemingly impossible positions, with an intimate knowledge of the home venue being a distinct advantage. Typically, at the 17th, Jack, taking an iron for safety, drove into trouble on the right and with Anthony down the middle and in position A, things were looking promising for the Visitors. Alas, Jack somehow muscled his ball onto the putting surface, much to the astonishment of the two greenside Stanton fans, and when Anthony then air-mailed the green to land in a very tricky lie several yards adrift, the situation became less rosy as he took three more to hole out and promptly went Dormy 1 down.  On the final hole, Jack's "safe" tee shot ended behind a tree just short of the green, but another flat-out miracle shot with an open-faced wedge hoisted the ball up-and-over the tree to finish three feet short of the hole, leaving Anthony with an impossible task.

Match Result

Stanton 2½  2½ Ruddington Grange

This was the first time Shaun and James had played this course so did well to keep the overall match a close affair right up to the very last putt.

I give full credit to the Ruddington young bloods - they certainly knew where to put the ball to best advantage - not necessarily on the target fairway!
All three of them were a real credit to their Club, excellent golfers and always polite and courteous - probably just as well there were only three of them! Should we be making them an offer?

We now look forward to our next match on Monday 25th June  (H) vs Trent Lock.

Once again on behalf of myself and all the Team, a big thank you to the faithful supporters for coming to cheer us on. 

Albert Oldham

Non-playing Captain

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