Lady Captain's Day 2017

  • The Lady Captain and Lady Vice-Captain resplendent in the day's theme colours

    Lady Captain's Day 2017 dawned bright and breezy - a welcome change from the heat and humidity of the previous week.

    20 teams of Ladies signed up to play in the Lady Captain's designated competition - a 3 player Team Waltz.

    For those of you unfamiliar with this format, there's a touch more to it than just Waltzing round the course in Quick Time!!

    Briefly, the best NETT score counts on the 1st hole, the best 2 NETT scores count on the 2nd Hole and ALL 3 NETT scores count on the 3rd Hole. This sequence is repeated until the 18th hole is reached.

    A request was made to dress in the theme colours of this year's Captains' Charity (MNDA) - outrageous in ORANGE / Bold in BLUE. As you will observe from the picture gallery below, many of the Ladies (and Gents who played in their separate competition) rose to the occasion with aplomb.

    The overall winners of the Waltz were:-
    Rosemary Hodges, Di Mellor and Jackie Cameron who scored 84 points

    and the runners -up:-
    Louise Spray, Elaine Horler and Sue Manley who scored 78 points

    To add a bit of spice to the occasion, Elaine Horler scored a hole-in-one with her first shot of the day on the 10th and won the Ladies' fancy dress competition! Well done Elaine - clearly an appropriate dress sense and precise shot-making complement each other!

    Lady Captain Irene wishes to thank her Team and all the Staff whose combined efforts resulted in giving her and all concerned such an enjoyable day.


    Photos - courtesy of John Gibson - select individual pictures to zoom and then use the photo viewer to navigate forwards and backwards.