Ladies InterClub Foursomes Round 2


The Ladies InterClub Foursomes Team selected for the 2nd Round Match against Chilwell GC at Radcliffe-on-Trent GC on Monday 10th June was:-

  • Jane Harby (9) & Louise Spray (12)
  • Fran Tunnicliffe (13) & Di Hardwick (14)
  • Reserve:- Judy Burgin

The forecast was for heavy rain, so the team set off in full waterproofs, with three hardy lady spectators soon to be joined by a husband of one of the team, who decided it was in his best interests to brave the weather rather than face the wrath of his wife for staying away!

Match 1 

The rain didn't bother us too much over the first nine, and the first pair of Jane Harby and Louise Spray, giving two shots, played steadily, winning the third when Louise played a super shot over the trees onto the green, followed by a great putt on the fourth to halve the hole despite giving a shot. They continued to hold the opposition who weren't playing as well from tee to green, but hung on with some good chipping and putting. Unfortunately, we lost the 8th and 9th to be one down at the turn, but managed to pull it back to all square after ten.

As the rain got heavier, Jane and Louise struggled to match the opponents round the greens and despite winning the second shot hole, slipped to 3 down after 16. Louise played a lovely shot over the water onto the green at the short 17th, and Jane slotted in the putt to pull one back.

Sadly, after a good drive at 18, Louise pulled her shot to the left and Jane was blocked out by trees and couldn't reach the green. Chilwell played up steadily and won the final hole, leaving us 3 DOWN.

Match 2

The second match proved to be quite a cliffhanger even though the pairing of Fran Tunnicliffe and Di Hardwick managed to establish a 5 hole cushion after ten holes. The opposition refused to give in however, and gradually began to chisel away at the lead. By the 15th, the Stanton pair were just 3 up with 3 to play. A slight respite on the 16th saw an inspirational Phil Mickelson-style chip from Fran as she deftly dinked the ball over the standing water and trickled it up to within 4 inches of the hole. Still off the green, the opposition could only concede, taking Fran and Di to 4 up. Under normal match play circumstances this would have been match over and done with, but oh no…. this is not just your ordinary match play, this is InterClub match play, and the match is played until the bitter end!

With the bunkers beginning to fill up and the greens starting to water-log, the drenched players moved on to the 17th. Unfortunately, Fran’s shot landed in the bunker. The opposition shot straight at the flag and the ball stopped 20 feet short of the green. Their player stepped up to play and in dramatic style, the ball popped up, bounced down the hill towards the flag, only to clip the pin and lodge itself firmly in the hole. A stunned Fran and Di gracefully conceded after Di’s bunker shot landed 6 feet from the hole.

So…. 3 up with one to play. Luckily, Fran and Di were blissfully unaware of the result of Match 1. A slight pull on the drive from Di meant that Fran’s line to the green was blocked. However, a brilliant high draw saw the ball land within six feet of the target. Unfortunately, there was one slight drawback, upon walking up to the ball, it was found to be nestled behind a green-side bunker. The opposition playing their third shot failed to land on the green, so with heart in mouth Di picked out a wedge, closed her eyes and plopped the ball onto the green to land 10 feet from the hole. The Chilwell players chipped on but failed to get close and with Fran’s putt just lipping out, they conceded leaving Fran and Di with a win by 4 UP and a jubilant overall triumph for Stanton.

Overall Match Result

Stanton WON 1 UP

Many, many thanks to the six stalwart Stanton supporters who braved the elements and followed our heroines to the finish.