Ladies' InterClub Foursomes Knockout 2019

Here you can follow the journey of the Stanton Ladies InterClub Foursomes Team as they plot their way though the rounds of this year's InterClub Knockout competition.

Fuller match reports to keep you riveted on your seats can by found by selecting from the options above.


Match against the Holders Ruddington Grange, at Norwood Park on Monday 20th May

Jane Harby and Louise Spray : Stanton 2 UP

Fran Tunnicliffe and Di Hardwick : HALVED

Match Result - Stanton WON 2UP


Match against Chilwell GC at Radcliffe-on-Trent GC on Monday 10th June

Jane Harby & Louise Spray : Stanton 3 DOWN

Fran Tunnicliffe (13) & Di Hardwick (14) : Stanton 4 UP

Match Result - Stanton WON 1 UP


Match against Rushcliffe at Wollaton Park GC on Monday 29th July 

Jan Hooley & Louise Spray : Stanton 3 UP

Fran Tunnicliffe & Di Hardwick : Stanton 8 UP

Match Result - Stanton WON 11 UP


Match against Coxmoor at Sherwood Forest GC on Monday 12th August

Jane Harby & Louise Spray : Stanton ALL SQ

Fran Tunnicliffe & Di Hardwick : Stanton 1 DN

Match Result - Stanton LOST 1 DN

Coxmoor now play Notts Ladies at  Sherwood Forest GC in the FINAL on Monday 9th September at 1.30p.m.

Further information about the Ladies' InterClub Foursomes 2019 may be found on the Nottinghamshire County Ladies Golf Association (NCLGA) website