Ladies' InterClub Foursomes Knockout 2017


After last year's journey along the Ladies' InterClub highway fell just short of its destination, Stanton's Ladies started their 2017 campaign by travelling to Nottm City on Monday 12th June to do battle against old adversaries Trent Lock.

The Team comprised:-

  • Jane Harby & Louise Spray
  • Karen Raynor & Fran Tunnicliffe
  • reserve Bridgett Patrick

Jane and Louise had to give 8 shots, but being used to Stanton's lush fairways and fast greens struggled to master the course, as well as finding the Bulwell conditions difficult to adapt to.

Karen and Fran had to give 7 shots and started well, getting ahead of their opponents. Sadly this did not continue and they too succumbed to the superior play from the opposition.

After reaching the final last year, we were sorry to exit so swiftly from the competition, and would like to thank the supporters who turned out to watch, particularly our Lady President who stepped in as reserve at the last minute.

Jane Harby

Further information about the Ladies' InterClub Foursomes 2017 may be found on the Nottinghamshire County Ladies Golf Association (NCLGA) website