Ladies' Early Days

The first meeting of five gentlemen held to discuss "the formation of a golf club" was held on March 14th 1906.12 days later a general meeting was held at which the Secretary reported that 28 gentlemen and 16 ladies had promised to become members. On April 7th 1906 at a General Meeting the rules proposed by the Committee were adopted, Mr Hind resigned from the Committee and in his place Mrs Ling was elected. It was resolved that the entrance fee and subscription for ladies should each be five shillings, as against ten shillings and six pence for the men.

By May with the first medal looming, handicaps were allocated to Mrs Ling (30), Mrs Varley (36) and Mrs Caine (40) all of whom competed in the medal competitions on May 10th and 12th.

The results of their endeavours were as follows. Unfortunately there does not appear to be a record of a score for Mrs Varley, and so perhaps we should assume she had one of the Club's first "no returns" !

Mrs Ling        163 30 133
Mrs Rhind       190 40 150
Mrs Caine    227 40 187




On June 29th 1906 a meeting of the Lady Members was called. Ten ladies are recorded as present together with the Club Secretary Dr Rhind. It was decided that a ladies competition be held on the final Tuesday every month, the winner each month to be presented with a 'silver button', subscribed for by the Ladies. Mrs Ling was appointed Ladies' Captain and Secretary and Mrs Rhind, Treasurer of the "Prize Fund". Thus it can be seen that Ladies were active from the earliest days and that one of their number, Mrs Ling, was elected to the Committee from the first days of the club.

Mrs Ling continued to serve on the committee until 1912 but Mrs Rhind was elected Ladies' Captain at the AGM that year. In the summer Coronation Day was celebrated with a cricket match between the "Henpecked" and the "Jilted", the latter suffering further disappointment. In the evening a concert arranged by the Ladies was held on the lawn. The thanks of the members were expressed to Mrs Page, the farmer's wife for supervising the arrangements.

In October the Cripps Challenge Cup Competition was opened to include the Ladies, and a special prize arranged for the leading lady "in the event she did not win the cup". In fact Miss Baxter finished 3rd and collected the Ladies' prize - five shillings!

By 1920 it was apparent that accommodation for the Ladies was quite inadequate. Additional accommodation therefore, was to be given priority and on the question being asked if the gentlemen would be allowed to use the new Ladies' room it was thought that this would be the case 'if they were invited in by the Ladies'.

It was at the AGM in April 1921 that it was proposed that 'the Ladies form a Committee for their own management'. Although the gentlemen supported this proposal Mrs Varley expressed the view that 'there would not be sufficient business' and the proposal was lost.

Later that month, there was a further suggestion that the Ladies join the LGU, form their own Club, and leave the General Committee. Although Mrs Varley thought they 'had paid their subscriptions and should have a voice in the management of the club', it was agreed that they should join the LGU'

Eventually in October 1921, Mrs Ling proposed and Mr Hilton seconded that 'the Ladies form a separate Club'. After a good deal of discussion, some thinking 'it would break the sociability of the Club', the motion was carried by six votes to three, hence the Ladies' Committee was formed and the Ladies commenced to run their affairs independently as they have done ever since.

By November the Committee were meeting in the 'new Ladies' Room' and at the AGM in 1922 held at the Clubhouse (in the Ladies' Room by kind permission) the Secretary reported 'some criticism had been passed on the Committee' for spending so large an amount on the new Ladies' Room (£160)! The Secretary responded that there was not much to complain of, better to have a decent room and not spoil it for a few pounds. Mrs Varley and Mrs Hilton and the Ladies were to be congratulated for their efforts in arranging a whist drive and two dances at Plum tree Memorial Hall which had gone some way to meeting the cost.

The meeting was told that the Ladies' Club have now formed their own Committee, affiliated to the LGU and the wish expressed they should have every success in their new venture.