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SotWGC Ecology Working Group

On the back of interest generated by the recent Club questionnaire that many of you will have completed, and with the full support of the Club Management, a group of Members has now set up an Ecology Working Group (EWG). 

The group currently comprises around a dozen members but we would welcome others who have an interest in ecology and the environment and who have time to get involved.

The group will in time consider taking on a wider environmental role, including helping develop an environmental policy for the Club, but in the first instance we intend to focus on how we can develop areas of the course to promote wildlife and flora. We will prepare an agreed coordinated action plan for the non-playing areas of the course, then work in harmony with the Greens Committee and wider Green Staff to implement.

First and foremost, we all want a great course to play golf on – the EWG’s aim is merely to promote a rich flora and fauna environment that should enhance everyone’s golfing experience.

The Group plan will be to develop proposals for:

  • Planting trees, shrubs, hedgerows and other flora that will provide habitat and food for birds and (desirable) animals
  • Identifying and stocking areas of the course suitable for wildflowers and, if the Club deems appropriate, cultivated flower beds
  • Placing various types of nesting and roosting boxes for birds, bats, etc. on the course
  • Introducing one or two bird feeding stations in the vicinity of the Club House and perhaps the Half Way Hut
  • Identifying areas of the course that can be developed for ponds and wet areas which can provide habitat for waterfowl, frogs and other pond life.

Work has already begun and bird feeders and nest boxes are beginning to appear - see photos (select to enlarge) taken at the end of January.

We are proposing to set up a focused section on the Club's website to keep Members informed of what’s happening. 

Any Member who wishes to find out more about how to get involved should contact:- 

directly or by email (select the links above)

If you are interested, one way to get involved would be to sponsor (by purchasing) some birdseed for the new feeding stations - please speak to Club Manager Paul Keeling or simply drop any donations into the Club Office.

The Ecology Working Group 
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