Competition Booking Information

Booking Entry Sheets

Entry to the majority of Club competitions is predominatly by pre-booking, using booking entry sheets which will be available as follows:

  1. for THURSDAY MEDAL competitions - on the Touch Screen(s) located in the Spike Bar from 19:00hrs and online via the Club's website from 21:00hrs14 days prior to the event.
  2. for SATURDAY competitions - on the Touch Screen(s) located in the Spike Bar from 19:00hrsand online via the Club's website from 21:00hrs16 days prior to the event.
  3. for SUNDAY and TUESDAY competitions - on the Touch Screen(s) located in the Spike Bar and online via the Club's website from 08:00hrs21 days prior to the event.

Bookings close at 08.00hrs on the Friday before the event for SATURDAY, SUNDAY and TUESDAY competitions, and at 08.00hrs on the day before the event for THURSDAY competitions.

Competition starting sheets 
  • Competition Start(ing) Sheets are normally used as a basis/check for the self-entry of scores, hence the importance of maintaining their accuracy.
  • When applicable they will be created by the Pro's Shop just after bookings close at the times shown above.
  • Starting sheets will normally be e-mailed out to competitors who have registered their e-mail addresses with the Club, and are also posted on the Club’s website.
  • Further amendments to the Competition Starting Sheet can be made ONLY BY CONTACTING the Pro's Shop or the Office (preferably by telephone during office hours).
Making the bookings
  • To help speed up the identification process when making a booking at the Touch Screen in the Spike Bar, you will need your 4-digit Club Membership Number to identify yourself. You will NOT be able to select your name from a List of Members.
  • In fairness to all other potential competitors, only one time-slot may be booked in each session at the Touch Screen - the use of Membership Numbers will help endorse this requirement. The Bar should be able to assist if you do not have your Membership Number to hand.
  • Both at the Touch Screen and on the website, you will be given the opportunity of selecting up to three other players (chosen from a Members' List) to occupy your time-slot, depending on the format of the competition.
  • For any time-slot, the maximum number of other players who may be selected by an individual, is one less than the number of slots available.
  • Once made, a booking may be cancelled (and optionally re-booked) from the Spike Bar and the website, but only by the individual to whom it applies.
  • For some pairs competitions (predominantly knock-outs) bookings may be made by one member of the pair on behalf of both members. In this case only the person who made the booking will be able to cancel it on behalf of the pair.
  • During office hours, assistance in making and managing a booking is available from the Office for those Members who prefer to steer clear of the technology!

Any feedback you may have - both positive and critical - will be welcomed, and should be directed to the Club Manager in the first instance.