Charity Fund Raising 2019

£ 5000.00
£ 4500.00
£ 4000.00
£ 3500.00
£ 3000.00
£ 2500.00
£ 2000.00
£ 1500.00
£ 1000.00
£ 500.00
£ 0.00

Our progress so far: £ 500.00

When deciding on our Captains' Charity, Judy and I wanted a local charity and a charity that helped children develop skills to enhance their future quality of life. The Belvoir Cricket and Countryside Trust (BCCT) encourages young people to get active in sport and get involved in our wonderful countryside. It ticked the right boxes. It is the brainchild of Darren Bicknell who has represented Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club for many years.

The BCCT not only focus on young able-bodied people but also runs a Special Needs Programme where disabled children are introduced to the games of Kwik and Table Cricket allowing them to develop new skills by playing these games on a regular basis. These students visit the countryside and experience new activities otherwise unavailable to them. They learn from sports specialists and countryside educationalists from local people such as huntsmen, fishing enthusiasts and the birds of prey keepers. The BCCT needs to raise funds to generate enough funding to deliver their projects each year and wish to invest in a new building so that they can operate all the year round.

From the Captains -

So, every time you are in the Captains' bunker at the 18th Hole, or take more than 4 hours to play a round of golf, please donate 50p to the BCCT charity.

Many thanks for your anticipated generous support.

Peter Gauntley - Captain
Judy Burgin - Lady Captain