Captain's Day 2018 - Mr Kevin Walden

  • After welcoming everyone to the evening Prize Presentation, Captain Kevin told everyone that he’d had an absolutely fabulous day, meeting everyone that played at the half-way hut, together with some Members who had been unable to play but had come up to offer their best wishes. He’d even met some newer Members and was now able to match faces to names only seen on the start sheets.

    The Captain then gave his profound thanks to all the Staff and Members who had been instrumental in making his day such a success, especially

    • The Office for all their efforts in planning & organising the day
    • The Pro’s Shop for preparing the cards and persuading Members to enter the NTP comps (£1 for charity)
    • The Half-way Hut stalwarts for all their help throughout the day
    • The lady raffle ticket sellers
    • All the Kitchen & Bar staff, who had kept everyone fed & watered (as they always do)
    • The Green Staff for the preparation of our fantastic course
    • The many Members who had sent their best wishes & raffle prizes over the last few weeks
    • The Official Club Photographer for taking hundreds of photos throughout the day
    • The Official Club Baker for baking 8 quiches & 200 chocolate brownies
    • All the Members who had attended the Prize Presentation and were staying for the Disco and the Captains’ (and their other halves’) joint Ruby Wedding celebration
    • And finally, … anyone else he’d forgotten!

    At this point The Captain’s wife Jane pointed out that he had forgotten to thank her for doing the flower decorations! Several (Chocolate) Brownie points deducted!

    The Captain’s speech then followed the same path as that of Lady Captain Jane's speech on her Captain's Day. Comparisons were made with his and her history and playing record.

    • LC : Member for 55 years
      The Captain : 32 years (give or take a couple!)
    • LC : Lowest h/cap 4
      The Captain: 12 (as low as he’s ever or likely to be!!)
    • LC : Onetime Ladies’ Course record holder
      The Captain : neither the Ladies' nor the Men's Course record holder.
    • LC : A veritable ancestral golfing pedigree
      The Captain : Nothing much to speak of golf-wise!

    The prize presentation then followed: -

    • The Gents’ Competition was won by Kevin Vamplew & Ian Greatorex with 48 points
    • The Ladies’ 9 hole Competition was won by Thelma Stocker with 21 points

    – full details can be seen on the website.

    The Captain thanked all those who had contributed to the Captains’ Charity – The Keyworth and District Community Concern. Including the NTP competitions a total of £1335 + £221 was raised for the charity funds - a superb all-round effort. He finished off his well-chosen words with a sincere wish that the remainder of the evening comprising the joint Ruby Wedding Celebration would be thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.

    A photographic recollection lof the day's events (3 sections), courtesy of Sue Hall, can be seen below.