Captain's Day 2016 - Mr Nigel Featherstone

  • This year's highly popular event - Captain's Day - took place in bright and fine conditions, with little sign of the inclement weather that has dogged these occasions in the past. 

    To the relief of the "Committee in Charge" Captain Nigel had decided on a more orthodox competition format this year. The contrived and convoluted methods used by his predecessors to determine which pair of competitors had managed to propel the little white object around the course in the least number of shots were a thing of the past, as a MEDALFORD format was chosen for this year's event. As in a popular TV quiz show, the object of the exercise is to score as few points as possible, by taking the total of the better-ball nett MEDAL scores made on the front nine holes and subtracting from it the total of the better-ball StableFORD points made on the back nine - hence the title "MEDALFORD"! 

    He also (possibly in anticipation of future plans) introduced a novel water hazard on the 10th - with a bonus available to those who attempted and succeeded in producing a slam-dunk. This inspired challenge proved quite difficult for most competitors, especially after they had gorged themselves on the excellent roasts and beverages supplied at the Half-Way Hut by a bevvy of dedicated chefs and helpers.

    Congratulations to all the prize winners, including:-

    • Captain's Prize - Lewis & John Kingsley who scored 12 points.
    • Division 1 - John Land & Malcolm Bagguley who scored 14 points
    • Division 2 - Don Sharp & Barry Whittingham who scored 14 points.

    The Ladies 9 hole Stableford was won by Sarah Hernon with a brilliant score of 22 points.
    (Doubtlessly finely tuned for the occasion by Pro hubby Nick!) 

    Thanks to everyone who participated in the day's events, especially to those who donated a prize to the raffle.
    In excess of £1100 was raised for the Captains' charity Dove Cottage - a superb achievement.

    The gallery below - most of it courtesy of Gavin Brand - reflects the success of the day and the obvious enjoyment of all concerned - a testament to those who worked tirelessly behind the scenes and helped everything run so smoothly.

    The tongue-in-cheek reminiscences of the evening disco party in the last group of pictures, together with the captions, are just that - no offence to anyone intended.