Captain's Day 2013 - Mr Norman Benney

In complete contrast to last year when it was almost decided to replace the Captain's Day competition with an ark rowing contest, this year's event took place in glorious wall-to-wall sunshine - a testament to which were the various examples of below-waist apparel on display - see the gallery below. 

Without question the day went ahead exactly as planned, and fullfilled its promise to be an extravaganza of sport and entertainment - golf during the day, with an excellent buffet meal followed by the Black Knight disco in the evening.

Congratulations to all who won prizes, especially  the outright winners of the Captain's Prize, Fred Brown and Steve Phillips with a fine Medalford score of 7 points.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the day's events, especially those who worked tirelessly behind the scenes and helped everything run so smoothly.

In excess of £1000 was raised for the Captains' charity The Lincolnshire and Nottinghamshire Air Ambulance