1906 Club

The 1906 Club is an association of those Clubs founded in 1906 who have agreed to offer courtesy of their courses to Members of other 1906 Clubs.

Not all Clubs formed in 1906 are members of the 1906 Club, and a list of participating Clubs appears on the Club Notice Board.

Stanton-on-Wolds became a Founder Member of a newly formed 1906 Club. Over 60 clubs were founded in 1906 and to-date over 40 Clubs have joined the 1906 Club.

Please read the instructions below before submitting your application for a courtesy round of golf to the host Club Secretary.

  • Subject to the traditions and the internal commitments of a Club, e.g. competitions, matches and the like, every 1906 affiliated Club will give courtesy of its course to all bona fide Members of other 1906 Clubs located OVER 50 miles distant as the crow flies.
  • Members must firstly confirm an available date and tee time with the host Club and present that information on an application form to the Club Secretary at least a week before the date approved.
  • Our Office will then prepare a letter of introduction and a handicap certificate for our Member to the host Club, Ladies will need a handicap certificate from their Section.
  • Members must collect the letter and handicap certificate and present it to the host Club on arrival.
  • Members can apply for up to eight courtesy places, but can only play each course once a year.

Members are requested not to abuse the scheme, and a close record will be kept of all applications. Please note that any Member found abusing the scheme will immediately lose the right to participate.

This is a real bonus for Members of the Stanton-on-the-Wolds Golf Club :-
  • Courtesy, reciprocal golfing rights to all affiliated Clubs.
  • Members can play, in groups of eight or fewer, on any of the courses of the affiliated clubs once a year in perpetuity, as long as the 1906 Club is OVER 50 miles from Stanton-on-the-Wolds Golf Club.
  • The courses are all over the UK and Ireland.
Notes :-
  • Contact details and locations of the current 1906 Clubs are shown by clicking on the club name.
  • The shaded area on the map represents a 50 mile radius from Stanton-on-the-Wolds Golf Club.
  • Clubs in the shaded area do NOT have a reciprocal 1906 arrangement with Stanton-on-the-Wolds Golf Club.
  • Hovering your cursor over a marker on the map displays the name of the club.
  • The slider on the map can be used to magnify and reduce the size of the view.
  • Double clicking at any point on the map magnifies the view.
  • The view area of the map can be changed by dragging the map in any direction.
 Current 1906 Clubs are :-
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