Visitors and Societies Programme

April 2015
Wed 01-Apr-2015 11.30amVisitor Tee Booking : 24 Club Golf Society (18-24)
Wed 15-Apr-2015 11.00amVisitor Tee Booking : 24 Club Golf Society (20)
Thu 23-Apr-2015 1.30pmVisitor Tee Booking : Longcliffe Golf Club Hookie Cup Society (16)
Wed 29-Apr-2015 1.30pmVisitor Tee Booking : EME Golf Society (15-20)
May 2015
Thu 14-May-2015 12.15pmVisitor Tee Booking : Bradmore GS (20) Provisional
Mon 18-May-2015 10.00amVisitor Tee Booking : Derbyshire Ladies Past Captains (60)
Mon 18-May-2015 4.00pmVisitor Tee Booking : NUGC InterClub Mixed KO 2nd Rd (Prov)
Thu 21-May-2015 11.00amVisitor Tee Booking : The Reindeer Gentlemans Golf Society Southwell(20)
June 2015
Wed 03-Jun-2015 12.15pmVisitor Tee Booking : Balfour Beatty Golf Day (52)
Mon 08-Jun-2015 1.30pmVisitor Tee Booking : John Berry Memorial (20)
Mon 15-Jun-2015 4.00pmVisitor Tee Booking : NUGC Interclub Mens KO 2nd Rd (Prov)
Wed 17-Jun-2015 12.30pmVisitor Tee Booking : John A Stephens Golf Day (50+)
Fri 19-Jun-2015 9.45amVisitor Tee Booking : Sneinton Academy (20)
Wed 24-Jun-2015 3.00pmVisitor Tee Booking : PWC Golf Day (25)
Fri 26-Jun-2015 11.00amVisitor Tee Booking : Borrowash Golf Society (12)
July 2015
Thu 02-Jul-2015 1.30pmVisitor Tee Booking : NFU Golf Society (24)
Mon 06-Jul-2015 4.00pmVisitor Tee Booking : NUGC Interclub Mens KO 3rd Rd (Prov)
Mon 06-Jul-2015Visitor Tee Booking : NCLGA Summer Meeting TBC
Fri 10-Jul-2015 11.00amVisitor Tee Booking : Nuneaton Lady Captains Away Day (approx 40)
Mon 13-Jul-2015 1.30pmVisitor Tee Booking : Northants County Seniors Away Day(32) Evening Meal around 7pm
Wed 15-Jul-2015 10.15amVisitor Tee Booking : Mapperley Senior Captains Away Day (60)
Fri 17-Jul-2015 10.30amVisitor Tee Booking : ATG (The Globe) Golf Society (24 Gold Day
Mon 20-Jul-2015 4.00pmVisitor Tee Booking : NUGC InterClub Mixed KO 3rd Rd (Prov)
Wed 29-Jul-2015 10.30amVisitor Tee Booking : Whetsone Seniors Away Day (60)
August 2015
Mon 03-Aug-2015 4.00pmVisitor Tee Booking : NUGC Interclub Mens KO Semi Final (Prov)
Wed 05-Aug-2015 10.00amVisitor Tee Booking : Maywood Seniors Away Day (60)
Fri 07-Aug-2015 1.30pmVisitor Tee Booking : Four Bells Golf Society (36)
Mon 10-Aug-2015 4.00pmVisitor Tee Booking : NUGC InterClub Mixed KO Semi Final (Prov)
Wed 12-Aug-2015 10.30amVisitor Tee Booking : Breadsall Priory Lady Captains Away Day (30)
Mon 24-Aug-2015Visitor Tee Booking : NCLGA KO Semi Final (Prov)
Wed 26-Aug-2015 10.45amVisitor Tee Booking : Notts Seniors vs Norfolk Seniors
Thu 27-Aug-2015 10.45amVisitor Tee Booking : The Strikers Golf Society (30)
Thu 27-Aug-2015 2.00pmVisitor Tee Booking : Woodborough Golf Society (24)
Fri 28-Aug-2015 9.00amVisitor Tee Booking : Notts Boys Tri-Corner Match vs Northants & Lincs 1st tee closed from 8.00am
Fri 28-Aug-2015 1.30pmVisitor Tee Booking : Notts Boys Tri-Corner Match vs Northants & Lincs 1st tee closed from 12.45pm
September 2015
Thu 03-Sep-2015 1.30pmVisitor Tee Booking : Long Clawson Dairy Golf Day (16)
Mon 07-Sep-2015 11.30amVisitor Tee Booking : Nottingham Meat Traders GS (60)
Wed 16-Sep-2015 10.30amVisitor Tee Booking : Engineering Industries Midlands GS (30-35)
Fri 18-Sep-2015 1.30pmVisitor Tee Booking : Aston On Trent GS (16-24)
Thu 24-Sep-2015 9.30amVisitor Tee Booking : Notts County Ladies Veterans Autumn Meeting (100)
Wed 30-Sep-2015 11.30amVisitor Tee Booking : The Decadents Golf Society (8-10)
October 2015
Thu 22-Oct-2015 11.00amVisitor Tee Booking : South Division Golf Society (12)
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